No, that's not my lunch you're smelling - it's me!

Apropos absolutely nothing to do with Christmas stockings, I heard today that Burger King – that’s right, BK – is unveiling a new cologne for men. It’s called Flame. According to Huliq News, “The news is that the Burger King cologne does not smell like a perfume, but the body spray for men smells like a hamburger.”

Why? No, seriously … WHY?

Oh, well. I haven’t smelled it yet. Maybe the soul mate I have yet to meet will be the guy in line at Fresh & Easy or Bookman’s who smells like cooked meat! Stranger things and all that, right?

The good news is that I actually CAN tie this into the Christmas stocking theme! Burger King’s Flame: a great stocking stuffer for the guy who has everything, the  boss you hate, your mailman, or your annoying vegan Aunt Betty.