Classic Christmas Stocking Pattern

Classic Christmas Stocking Pattern

Well, it look s like I’m not going to get to directions for how to make a Christmas stocking until after Christmas. My apologies. I started the blog late,  though … and the directions would be pretty useless without accompanying pictures or video. Just think of it as an activity to look forward to during the long summer months, when Christmas seems soooo far away.

What I do have, however, are patterns you can use to make your own stockings. These are pretty generic, but  you can certainly edit or amend them, and feel free to cut them in virtually any fabric and dress them up in whatever baubles or decorations you have  handy and/or feel are appropriate.

The biggest thing to remember when cutting is to leave a 1/4-inch allowance for your seams. I use a sewing machine to make almost all of my stockings, but even if you are hand-stitching, you’ll need a seam allowance.

You can pin the paper pattern to your fabric and cut through both the paper and the fabric. Or, if you think you will be reusing the pattern, it’s probably a good idea to stencil the pattern onto a piece of cardboard to create a sturdier template. Then use tailors’ chalk if you have it, to trace the pattern onto your fabric.You can also use a pen, but ink can show through and be permanent, so I try to avoid it if at all possible, unless it’s the special disappearing ink you can buy in the fabric stores.

That’s about it. These are your steps: