Although I work on a laptop, I spend most of my computer time at my dining room table because that’s where my wi-fi reception is strongest. On the wall to my left is a wall calendar that I occasionally consult – but today when I looked at it, it did me no good … because it’s a 2008 calendar! Somewhere along the way, I managed to make my annual purchase of an Ireland-themed engagement calendar, but I completely forgot to get myself a new wall calendar … even though I got one for my niece!

Because everything for me is now somehow stocking related, I thought about what a great stocking stuffer calendars make. Think about it! There are so many different types of calendars … combined with so many different themes, and you have a virtually endless supply of calendars from which to choose for that someone special.




Credit Card Size


Day Planner/Engagement




  • African American Calendars
  • Americana Calendars
  • Angel Calendars
  • Animal Calendars
  • Architecture Calendars
  • Art Calendars
  • Astrology & Zodiac Calendar
  • Beach Calendars
  • Calendars of the 50 States
  • Cartoon Character Calendars
  • Celebrity Calendars
  • Children’s Calendars
  • Christmas Calendars
  • Craft & Hobby Calendars
  • Countries of the World Calendars
  • Family Calendars
  • Flower Calendars
  • Food Calendars
  • Game & Puzzle Calendars
  • Garden Calendars
  • Gift Ideas Calendars
  • Halloween Calendars
  • Health & Fitness Calendars
  • History Calendars
  • Humor Calendars
  • Inspirational Calendars
  • Island Calendars
  • Kitchen Towel Calendars
  • Military Calendars
  • Lighthouse Calendars
  • Model & Beefcake Calendars
  • Moms’ Calendars
  • Motorcycle Calendars
  • Movie Calendars
  • Music Calendars
  • Photography Calendars
  • Porch Swing Calendars
  • Quilting Calendars
  • Religious Calendars
  • Scenic Calendars
  • Science Calendars
  • Sports Calendars
  • Teen Calendars
  • Transportation Calendars
  • Travel Calendars
  • Trivia Calendars
  • TV Show Calendars
  • Victorian Calendars
  • Vintage Advertising Calendars
  • Women’s Interests Calendars

These are just the ones I found on and remember seeing when I’ve been calendar shopping … but I’m sure there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other themes.

In case you’re a bit of a knowledge junkie like me and were wondering about the history of calendars – where they got started, where the names of the days and months came from, why we have 12 months, etc., here are some basic facts:

  • A calendar’s main purpose is to mark the passage of time, from short durations like minutes and hours to longer intervals, measured in days, weeks, months, years, and centuries, which are essentially based on our observations of the movement of the sun, moon, and stars.
  • A day is measured by the length it takes the earth to make a single rotation. Months are measured based on the time it takes the moon to move around the earth. Years are a measure of the time it takes the earth to rotate around the sun.
  • Once upon a time, January was the 11th month.

Want to know more? There’s a great site called Calendar Origins that answers all of those questions pretty well.

There is one great advantage to waiting till after the new year starts to get your calendar if no one put one in your stocking: they’re usually anywhere from 50 percent to 75 percent off. I’m signing off right now to head to the bookstore!

Saturday, 3 January 2009, 1147 p.m.

I went off the grid this time (no Ireland, lighthouses, Greece, or bucolic country scenes) to purchase a butterfly-themed calendar. Though most calendars have the thumbnail images on the back, you never quite know for sure that you will love your calendar until you get it home, open it, and put it on your wall. Small suspense, to be sure … but suspense, nonetheless. Drumrollllllll, please…

My butterfly calendar is stunning. One of the nicest ones I think I’ve ever owned. Well done, Laura. And got it for a steal, too!