So it’s the new year and I’m working on my goals list. One of my B-I-G ones is overcoming procrastination. My sisters and I have decided to form a mastermind group of sorts, to support each other in achieving our goals for the year. Interestingly, I’m the last one to get my list off to them. It’s been handwritten for a while, but I haven’t made the time to type it and forward it to them, yet.

I guess it’s the push-pull of wanting accountability, right? If I send it to them, they’ll know what my goals are and they’ll ask me how my they’re coming. These are things I want to accomplish, and isn’t that the whole point – to get their support so I can achieve them? Then why is it so hard for me to just put them into the little computer and hit “send”?

I’ve been this way about goals for as long as I can remember. Have them – some of them big, even. But when it comes to actually making a plan to accomplish them … I somehow seem to get in my own way and fall short. Scott White, the best personal trainer in the Phoenix area, has been trying to teach me to stop fighting resistance for a lot of years now!

I have made progress, because at least the goals are written down. Experts say, though, that if you don’t attach completion dates to them, goals are merely dreams or wishes. This list has a title of “6- to 12-month Goals,” so I guess that’s a date of sorts.

At any rate … it’s time.

I’ll type them up as soon as I’ve finished this post and send them off. Who knows . . . maybe I’ll even accomplish a few of them this year!

P.S. If you’re a business owner and want some inspiration, check out the Idea Sandbox! The sticky-note graphic is from their blog…