So one of the biggest things I’ve been procrastinating is taking down the Christmas decorations and lights. They’re fun to put up, and great fun to enjoy while they’re up, but then you have to take them down. 😦

There’s a DJ on KLOVE radio who drives me a little bit crazy with all her folksy stories about her home, her family, and her kids. I’m not sure what it says about me, but I just don’t find most conversations along those lines all that interesting … not just from her, but from any DJ … and it’s the first thing that will cause me to change the station. That being said, the other day, this gal made a comment about “corralling the Christmas ornaments,” that I thought was timely and clever.

She mentioned going around the house and collecting the decorations and ornaments, herding them, as it were, to the dining room table where they waited to be packed back into their boxes for storage until next Christmas. And how even as you’ve made the rounds a couple times, thinking you’ve finally got them all, a week after everything’s been put away, you’ll almost invariably find an errant reindeer lurking from a hidden corner.groundhogvalentinewoodencutout

Well, I was late to the decorating party this year, so I didn’t put out too many ornaments. As a result, there will be no real need for corralling – but I just really enjoyed the image it created for me, and I hope you do, too!

Happy cleaning, packing, storing, and preparing for the next big seasonal holiday … Groundhog’s Day Valentine’s Day!