For someone who prides herself on being fairly well-read and up-to-date on all sorts of various and sundry information, you must understand how shocked I was to find recently that I had missed a HUGE announcement with respect to US currency. Now I’m really not talking trivia here – although my sister thinks I know way too much about which celebrities are married, dating, divorcing, or playing footsie. As I do not even own a television, I beg to differ … but perhaps that’s for another post.

The discovery in question concerns the … ahem … new presidential coins. My friend asked me the other day if I’d seen them. I had to admit, sheepishly, that I had not.

How on earth can I know the names of Barack Obama’s daughters, that Chris Matthews is not going to run for the Senate from Pennsylvania, that Lute Olson retired as the Arizona basketball coach, that is an awesome dictation resource that will send transcripts straight to your e-mail inbox, and that Americans use approximately 3 trillion plastic bags a year, but miss the fact that the US Mint in February 2007 began minting $1 coins of all the US Presidents, in order, beginning with the Father of the Nation, the original George W?

Oh, well, I suppose I will get over it.

For you e-a-r-l-y birds who happen to have coin collectors on your stocking stuffer lists, you can plan now for the release of the Barack Obama coins. The list on the official site goes only through Gerald Ford, but based on the scheduled release dates, the Obama coin will be issued in 2018.

Perhaps in an attempt at equality, the US Mint is also releasing coins of the First Spouses (their word!):

2007 First Spouse Gold Coins

  • Martha Washington
  • Abigail Adams
  • Jefferson’s Liberty
  • Dolley Madison

2008 First Spouse Gold Coins

  • Elizabeth Monroe
  • Louisa Adams
  • Andrew Jackson Presidency (wife died during his term)
  • Martin Van Buren Presidency (took office as a widower)

2009 First Spouse Gold Coins

  • Anna Harrison
  • Letitia Tyler
  • Julia Tyler
  • Sarah Polk
  • Margaret Taylor

Wanna guess who’s next?

Guess I’ll have to cast my net a little wider nex time, so as to be sure I’m not 23 months late in getting the “latest” scoop.