What – were the elves hopped up on too much caffeine when they put the plans in place for this coming weekend? OK – so unless they’ve got a secret stash of crystal balls, they probably didn’t know the Cardinals would make the playoffs at home … but have you seen the calendar for the Phoenix area for this coming Sunday??

We’ve got the last day of the Barrett Jackson car show, the Cardinals taking on the Eagles at Jobbing.com Arena, and the PF Chang Rock ‘n Roll Marathon. All of them happening this coming Sunday, January 18!

Those savvy gift-givers who got their ticket stocking stuffers  ahead of time are breathing easy right now, while all the folks who didn’t quite get around to it yet are scrambling for seats. I suppose there aren’t really tickets to the marathon – unless you wanted to run in it. But that deadline is long gone. Still, it’s a happening event at which to see and be seen.

And…if all of this weren’t enough, just around the corner, we’ve got the FBR Open coming to Scottsdale on Monday, January 26!

With an average high of 66, Phoenix is a sport lover’s paradise, particularly in the cold season (one almost hesitates to call it winter). Sixty-six degrees sure beats the average January high of 22 in Minneapolis! And speaking of Minneapolis, we get lots of Minnesotans, Michiganders, and other folks from the Midwest.  The pet name for them is snowbirds … but I’ll spare you the jokes.

Unless you’re sitting on piles of cash and/or have friends who are scalpers, it may be too late this season for you to get your loved one the tickets of their dreams … but it’s never too early to plan for next year!

Barrett Jackson – Jan. 11-18

Arizona Cardinals – second round of NFC playoffs – Jan. 18

PF Chang Rock ‘n Roll Marathon – Jan. 18

FBR Open – Jan 26-Feb 1

P.S. – For those of you who just aren’t all that into the whole sports scene, no matter how exciting – or local – the events may be … perhaps you’d be more interested in attending the Maricopa County Home & Garden Show, also taking place this weekend, Jan. 16-18, at the Arizona State Fairgrounds.