vegas-performersSo most of have some baggage from our imperfect childhoods, right? Most of us, however, had a family, a home, and a room/space to call our own. We had toys, food, shelter, love. Such is not the case for more than 10,000 foster kids in Arizona. As my friend, Anna Banana, says: “That’s 10,000 kids without moms and dads to come home to after school for help with homework, to take them to the park or the movies, or to give them family memories and traditions.”

It can be easy for those of us who had families – regardless of their level of function or dysfunction – to take those families and those memories for granted.

The great news is that we can do something easy and fun to help raise money for a fantastic nonprofit organization called Off Campus Jams that supports the Arizona foster kids living in group homes!

Off Campus Jams is sponsoring VEGAS VARIETY LIVE, a show featuring comedians Todd Oliver (who’s appeared on Letterman and Leno) and Chris Pendleton and Maverick, the Master of Illusion. It’s all taking place Sunday, February 15, at 7:30 p.m. at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Phoenix.

Tickets are only $18 or $25 each. As good as that is, it gets even better … because with every ticket you purchase, you will sponsor one foster kid to attend the matinee show the same day. Our goal is to sell 1,300 tickets and fill up the theatre!

For as little as $18 to $25, you’ll get a whole lot of belly laughs for your buck! You’ll see a fantastic show, raise funds for Off Campus Jams, and send a foster kid to a show they will remember for weeks!

Check out the video below for a short preview.

By the way, all the entertainers are donating their time, travel, and expenses!

Click here for more information about the show.

Click here to purchase your tickets.

If you don’t live in Arizona, please forward this post to your friends and relations who do. And, of course, you don’t have to live here to make a donation! Anything you can give is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks – here’s wishing you and YOUR family a wonderful 2009!