Though envy isn’t an emotion I generally give into, I have to admit that the green-eyed-monster has bitten me when it comes to those who are living, working, and hanging out in Washington, D.C. this week! What a time this is. And what a celebration tomorrow will be. I anticipate that come Wednesday morning, we will hear a very loud swoooooshing sound that is the collective sigh of relief being uttered around the world.

Although I will miss the live goings-on in Washington, I have arranged a little Inauguration Bash at my favorite Phoenix restaurant, Pie Zanos Kitchen. We’ve got about 40 people who’ve RSVP’d so far.

I invited my friend, Adrian, but she said, “Oh, no, girl. I’m going to get myself a nice bottle of wine and curl up in front of my TV in my Ojamas.” When I told her the party wasn’t getting started until 530 p.m. or so, she said she was sure that by then, she’d be in no shape to drive. I love Adrian!

But Ojamas? Never heard of them. Now that I’ve seen them, though, I’m really likin’ ’em.

He will have been in office almost a year by the next official stocking stuffing occasion – but Ojamas might just be the perfect gift for the Obama supporter in your life!