the-five-sensesThe dictionary defines “sense”  as any of the faculties (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell) by which the mind receives and perceives information about the external world or the state of the body. Each of us tends to favor one sense over the others when it comes to calming effects, stimulating creativity, and simply enhancing the enjoyment of life.

Here are some ideas for creating a stocking that appeals to all five senses.

One is this great book called Crave the Feast of the Five Senses by Ludo Lefebvre.


iPod touch – Millions of songs. Thousands of movies. Hundreds of games.

Digital camera with YouTube capture mode allows you to shoot video for easy online sharing

Kaleidoscope – All these kaleidoscopes are hand-crafted in the U.S.


Noise-canceling headphones

Nature sounds – Create your own CDs or MP3 playlists with royalty-free music and sound-effects from this site

Wind chimes


Scented candles

Fragrance diffusers

Rain-forest friendly coffee beans – appeal to both taste and smell

Incense and essential oils


Personalized M&M candies

Flavored popcorn

Royal Riviera Pears

Jelly-Belly jelly beans


Miniature Zen rock garden

The traditional scarf/mittens combo

Even more traditional slippers

Massage items

Soaps and scrubs

Hand-held showerhead

Plush toys