Red Torn/Pieced Jester

Red Torn/Pieced Jester

Hello, and Happy Christmas!

About Our Stockings

If you are looking for the perfect, one-of-a-kind gift for that hard-to-please person, these Christmas stockings are your answer! Perfect for newlyweds, new babies, Fido, or someone who will cherish a personalized gift.

Personalized Stockings

We’ve received requests to personalize everything, from stockings for musicians, Frank Sinatra fans, actors, and ladies’ favorite flowers.

Traditional colors and designs, along with funky, contemporary designs to fit any home, hobby, or lifestyle.

The stockings on this site are for sale, as is – but we also accept custom requests. Allow one week for delivery.

How We Got Started

I’ve been sewing for my whole life. My older sister taught me after learning from my dad, who taught her how to make Barbie clothes. The very first things I made were a bandana (really tough – you cut a square and put a hem on it!) and a pullover top.

But I was hooked from the first moment! Fabric stores and I go wayyyy back – my first job, at 16, was as a clerk at House of Fabrics in Park Central Mall in Phoenix. It’s long gone…and wages have increased, somewhat, since my $2.65/hour. They said it was a student wage … I think they might have just been scamming to get around the $3.15 minimum at the time.

I learned a lot working there, though – including how to look for and find remnants and sales on fabric. And boy, do I have fabric … mountains of it. Some of it followed me from HoF in my move to New Jersey… and back.

The Christmas stockings came about because I offered to make a stocking for a coworker at Lehman Brothers who’d recently had a baby. She liked it so much, she asked me to make two more, for herself and her husband. That was all it took. I’ve been making and selling stockings ever since. The mother of one friend has the biggest collection of them – I think she’s had me make 8 or 9 for all the various members of her family.lo-witch-1

What I love most about making Christmas stockings is the diversity. There truly is something for every taste. My new favorites are the Red Hat Ladies.

I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures … and that if you see something you love, you’ll decide to grab it while you can. Custom orders are, of course, accepted!

Happiest holidays –



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